About us

«kinowetter» was launched in 2013 by film journalist Philipp Portmann. With the weather forecast he wanted to incorporate a new component in film coverage that decisively influences our leisure time. German speaking Moviegoers obtain the information they require for their leisure activities, a weather and a film prognosis. All departments are staffed with experienced professionals who distribute the content daily on various channels.

Philipp Portmann
Philipp PortmannCEO
Carmine Carpenito
Carmine CarpenitoEditorial Director
Ana von Halle
Ana von HalleEditor
Rahel Buri
Rahel BuriEditor
Thomas Odermatt
Thomas OdermattPresentation
Manuel J. Naranjo
Manuel J. NaranjoVoice
Regula Zürrer
Regula ZürrerFinances