We Offer

«movie weather» is available on Air with a TV broadcast, or on line with a web portal or even on location with a world of experience.

On Air

TV Magazine on wetter.tv, in which the most important films of the week are presented. Including many exciting film clips and interviews with the biggest Hollywood stars. Moderated by Philipp Portmann.

On Line

Web portal, devoted to photos, videos and seasons aimed at german speaking mobile users. This content can be accessed with smart phones or tablets and users can exchange information on social media.

On Scene

Multimedia Experience, in the Transport Museum Film theatre Lucerne. In an area of 140m2 and with more than 130 rare collectibles, photos and props we present the development of cinemas from silent film era to todays 3D.


We regularly conduct exclusive previews in the Transport Museum Film theatre. Here our guests enjoy an aperitif in the relaxing atmosphere of our world of experience before the film starts.